What our clients have to say about NEE

NEE provides a systematic and research-based approach to not just evaluating school district personnel, but also to supporting and growing them. Most importantly, the NEE model focuses on transparency and consistency while also being nimble and agile enough to be personalized for each individual employee. Lastly, the utilization of NEE in more than half the school districts in the state of MO is a great opportunity to build regional capacity through collaboration and professional discourse.

Dr. Justin Tarte
Executive Director of HR & Learning
Union R-XI School District
The Lee's Summit R-7 School District did an intensive review of teacher evaluation models after learning of the DESE mandates for the 2014-2015 school year. After reviewing many models ranging from Marzano to DESE's suggested model and based upon the latest research for instructional improvement in the classroom, Lee's Summit chose NEE. This model is research-based, offers the flexibility and support required for a district our size, provides comparative data from other Missouri School Districts, and is user friendly. The NEE model also provides for in-depth administrator training in the area of evaluation which provides for internal equity in a district of our size.

Dr. Jeffrey C. Miller
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Lee's Summit R-7 School District
NEE has provided our administrative team with a program, training, and support to have the best conversations and feedback with teachers in my 23 years in education. Teachers are continually showing their appreciation for the feedback and a system that is built to help them improve. Our district is extremely pleased with the training and the system. We have teamed members of our elementary and secondary administration together to do classroom visits at both levels. Everyone in our building-teachers and principals-are improving. We know this will have a positive impact on our students.

Randy Luebbert
Warsaw High School
This is our second year of using NEE. NEE is the most beneficial teacher evaluation tool we have used. Implementing the NEE evaluation system has provided a positive impact on our teachers and our students. Teachers have commented on the invaluable conversations and timely feedback they have with administration. The use of NEE has developed a different level of positive relationships between staff and administration. They truly value it as a growth tool. This has developed a higher level of awareness in teaching resulting in higher student learning.

Satotha Burr, Samantha Hamilton, Jody Martin, Jeremy Phillips, and Lee Woodward
Elementary Principals
Neosho R-V School District
NEE is the best evaluation system I have used in my 14 years as a building principal. The ability to focus on, and build upon, specific indicators that meet both my building, and individual teacher needs, make NEE the best option for developing and growing quality teachers.

Chauncey Rardon
Lathrop Elementary School
After serving on the team reviewing teacher evaluation options… I am even more confident that our district made the right decision with NEE. NEE is genuinely directed toward having growth conversations…based upon the classroom observation rubrics that accurately represent quality instruction.

David Carlson
Lee’s Summit
Before we started using NEE, teacher observations were something I was required to do as part of my job. I would do 2-3 observations with 1 of them being a scheduled observation. The conversations after the observation were not as meaningful, mainly because I was only going into their classrooms 2-3 times a year. NEE has turned me into an instructional leader as I am now conducting 8-10 observations per teacher and most importantly I am having meaningful dialogue with all my teachers after each observation. The bottom line, NEE has helped me improve instruction at Lathrop High School for all our students.

Robert Bowers
Lathrop High School
In addition to the usual observation to feedback and reteach cycle, our building has used the NEE format to build our own PD. Staff actually break into small teams, pick an indicator and act it out. They portray the right and the wrong ways to meet the indicators, by demonstrating what to do and what not to do. Besides being a fun activity, this allowed staff to participate, engage kinesthetically and learn about the indicator qualifications making subsequent post-observations more fruitful.

Tom McCracken
Middle School Principal
Winfield R-IV School District
NEE evaluations for our teachers and principals have been a game changer for Park Hill. Our principals and teachers are now engaged in levels of instructional conversation that we had never encountered before. Our teachers remark that they really appreciate the visibility of the principal spending more time in their classrooms. Above all, we believe our students benefit the most from the collaborative work that NEE fosters among all of our educators.

Bill Redinger
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource services
Park Hill school district, Kansas City, MO