NEE’s innovative system encourages the professional growth of educators with the overall goal of improved student achievement. Evaluators are trained to make consistent assessments of classroom observations and other facets of performance such as units of instruction, professional development plans, surveys, building improvement plans, and self-assessments. Combining data from these sources provides a comprehensive view of educator effectiveness. Each educator is then able to focus on specific areas of needed growth and may access educational resources embedded in the system.

NEE is competitively priced to encourage training for teams of educators from each district. A district-wide implementation plan for complete conversion to NEE provides a smooth transition and is a powerful motivator for all educators.

The secure NEE Data Tool stores data and evaluation organizers for each educator, can be easily updated, and provides easy access to building-wide and district-wide reports. Multiple reports also are available to track the performance improvements of individual educators.

Advantages for administrators:

  • Training is provided to evaluate teachers consistently.
  • The meanings for scores assigned to teachers are clear and transparent.
  • The system is designed to be fair, trustworthy, and applied equally for all teachers.
  • A sense of teamwork is instilled as parties work together to improve classroom practice.
  • Emphasis is on coaching for growth.
  • Web-based system for easy data storage and accessibility.
  • Genuinely useful information is generated.

Advantages for teachers:

  • Frequent observations followed by relevant feedback.
  • Recognition of effective teaching.
  • Emphasis on growth and improvement.
  • Professional development targets specific, personal needs.
  • Evaluation information is timely, aligned, and easy to interpret.

Advantages for students:

  • Effective teachers in every classroom.
  • Optimal learning environments are created to improve student performance.